heaven [-s, -'s] n

OE heben.

  1. Firmament; vault; night sky; expanse in which the sun, moon, and stars are seen; appearance of a vast canopy over the earth.
  2. Place of supreme joy; locale of unsurpassable felicity; location of transcendent happiness.
  3. Sky; air; region of the atmosphere in which the clouds float, the winds blow, and the birds fly.
  4. Atmosphere; aerial space; ethereal region; area beyond the stretch of air.
  5. Residence of the gods; home of deities in heathen mythology, such as Valhalla, Mount Olympus, etc.
  6. Infinite regions of space; realm beyond the clouds; [fig.] universe.
  7. World; universe; celestial body.
  8. Celestial abode of God, Jehovah, and their angels; the state of blessed hereafter; [fig.] word of God himself.
  9. God; supreme power; providence.
  10. State of bliss; feeling happiness; enjoyment of felicity; [fig.] loved ones with whom supreme joy has been felt.
  11. Death; passing on from mortal life.