high [-er, -est] adj

OE héah < Germanic, elevated.

  1. Great; grand; important; of exalted rank.
  2. Fancy; costly; eloquent; ostentatious.
  3. Fine; excellent; super; top quality; upper class; [fig.] heavenly; exalted; dignified.
  4. Hot; ardent; sultry; intense; extreme.
  5. Loud; acute; sharp; accented; lofty in pitch; intense in musical tone.
  6. Far above; upward in position; [fig.] elevated above mortal constraints.
  7. Difficult; strenuous; inaccessible; out of reach.
  8. Towering over; hovering above; elevated to a higher altitude than.
  9. Phrase. “high up”: proud; haughty; arrogant; overbearing; presumptuous.

high [-er, -est] adv

see high, adj.

  1. Greatly; eminently; powerfully.

high n

see high, adj.

  1. Great; noble; honorable; exalted in status.
  2. [Phrase] “on high”: aloft; [fig.] in heaven.