hill [-s] n

OE hyll < Germanic.

  1. Rise; mound; elevated tract of land.
  2. Small mountain; [fig.] horizon; evening skyline.
  3. Pile; collection; amassment; accumulation; [fig.] grave; place of burial; small mound of earth; [metaphor] Calvary; place of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  4. Rise; natural elevation in the earth's surface.
  5. Phrase. “Hill of Science”: education; challenge of learning; discovery of knowledge; (see ED Letter 5, p. 10 “Miss … is going to finish her education next summer … She will then have learned all that we poor foot-travellers are toiling up the hill of knowledge to acquire”).
  6. Phrase. “Bunker Hill”: (see Bunker Hill, proper n.).
  7. Phrase. “Wood and Hill”: woodland; [kenning] forest.