him pron

OE him; third person singular masculine objective pronoun; see also he, himself, his.

  1. [Refers to unnamed male antecedent.]
  2. [Refers to the last male identified in the text.]
  3. [Refers to an insect] it.
  4. [Refers to a bird] it.
  5. [Refers to a person, male or female.]
  6. [Refers to an inanimate object] it.
  7. [Refers to Jesus Christ.]
  8. [Refers to an abstraction, assigned masculine traits] it.
  9. [Refers to God; a higher being.]
  10. [Refers to increments of time] it.
  11. [Refers to heavenly bodies: moon, star, etc.] it.
  12. [Refers to earthly elements: water, fire, air, earth] it.
  13. [Refers to death, a beloved one, the Lord.]
  14. [Refers to Nature or an element of nature] it.
  15. [Refers to one's soul, self, being, person] it.
  16. [Refers to an animal] it.
  17. [Refers to an emotion or state of being] it.