part adv

L. pars.

  1. Partially; half; a little; in some degree; to some extent.

part [-s] n

see part, adv.

  1. Portion; fraction; component; piece of the whole.
  2. Role; participation; share.
  3. Group; number of persons; subset of all people.
  4. Step; maneuver; dance movement.
  5. Side.
  6. Quality; attribute; characteristic; trait.
  7. Inadequate substitute; poor imitation; [fig.] human companionship as compared with the presence of God; mortal existence in relationship to immortality.

part [-ed, -ing, -s] v

Fr. part-ir.

  1. Separate; divide; split up.
  2. Open; sunder; spread apart.
  3. Take leave of each other; depart each other's company; bid farewell.
  4. Scatter apart; fly in opposite directions.
  5. Keep apart; isolate from each other.
  6. Release; relax; loosen; let go.
  7. Phrase. “Part company”: take leave of each other; bid farewell.
  8. Phrase. “Part rank”: disperse; fall out of regular formation.