pass n

ME paas < Fr. pas < L. passus, step, pace, track.

  1. Narrow passage; difficult road; steep, rocky path.
  2. Uncommon case; unusual circumstance; extreme condition; drastic instance.

pass [-ed, -es, -ing, past] v

Fr. pass-er, see pass, n.

  1. Go by; move near and beyond.
  2. Move; proceed; travel.
  3. Move on; cross over a boundary; make a transition beyond what is known.
  4. Die; transcend mortality; depart from mortal existence; move to another state of being.
  5. Encounter; experience; come in contact with.
  6. Disappear; vanish; depart.
  7. Overcome; surmount.
  8. Expire; elapse.
  9. Surpass; exceed.
  10. Be mistaken; be wrongly considered.
  11. Spend; live through; while away.
  12. Grow; sprout; bloom; blossom; develop; push upward.
  13. Give; hand; bestow; confer.
  14. Move through [a crowd.]
  15. Happen; occur; come; approach; draw near.
  16. Make it through successfully; be allowed to proceed; be approved by a judge in a trial.
  17. Phrase. “In passing”: while moving by; nonchalantly.
  18. Phrase. “Pass away”: die; come to an end; vanish.
  19. Phrase. “Pass by”: go past; move near and beyond.
  20. Phrase. “Pass on”: proceed; continue; leave.
  21. Phrase. "Pass out of": delete from; remove from; take away from.