pause [-s] n

Fr. < L. pausa, halt, stop < Gk παὐ-ειυ, to stop.

  1. Holiday; brief resting period; temporary enjoyment; cessation of labor.
  2. Cessation; interval of silence; musical rest.
  3. Setback; temporary obstacle to progress; [fig.] disappointment; difficulty; trial.
  4. [Fig.] decline; decay; degeneration; deterioration; cessation of progress.
  5. [Fig.] nothingness; void; vacuity; empty space.
  6. [Fig.] death; lack of life; loss of ability to progress.
  7. [Fig.] stopping place; area for resting.

pause [-d, pausing] v

see pause, n.

  1. Stop briefly; cease motion for a short period of time.
  2. Rest briefly from strenuous or difficult labor; stop to catch breath.
  3. Fall silent for a brief space of time.
  4. Slow down; be suspended.
  5. Visit; stop in; drop by for a short duration of time.
  6. [Fig.] take time to pay respects; stop in order to honor.
  7. [Fig.] find final rest; come to the end of a journey.
  8. [Fig.] reach a peak; come to a climax.