pink adj

Etymology obscure.

  1. Rosy; orchid-colored; tinged with a delicate reddish hue; similar in color to a flower of the genus Dianthus; [fig.] brightly-colored; cheerfully-hued; reminiscent of spring.
  2. Blooming; mortal; vital; alive; living.
  3. Flesh-colored.
  4. Lava-colored.

pink [-s] n

see pink, adj.

  1. Rosy-tinted flowers; blush-colored blossoms.
  2. Blush; reddening of the cheeks.
  3. Reddish-white hue; color similar to that of flowers of the genus Dianthus; [fig.] life; vitality.
  4. Phrase. “Pink of day”: sunrise; rosy light of morning; reddish hue of the eastern sky caused by the rising sun.