place [-s] n

ME < Fr. < L. platea, open space < Gk 'broad way'.

  1. Spot; seat; chair; area to be occupied.
  2. Heaven; paradise.
  3. Position; proper arrangement.
  4. Site; expanse; space; area; realm; region; appropriate setting; proper context; natural environment.
  5. Passage; excerpt; section of a written text.
  6. Presence; home; shelter; refuge; sanctuary; [metaphor] relationship; companionship; friendship; [fig.] harbor; haven.
  7. Heart; soul; inner part; core of being.
  8. Grave; tomb; burial site.
  9. Circumstance; situation; time of day.
  10. Altar; closet; (see Matthew 6:6); [fig.] attempt at communion.
  11. Locale; point on a map; set of coordinates; [fig.] town; village; settlement; real domain for being.
  12. World; society; sphere of existence.
  13. Building; structure; edifice.
  14. State of mind.
  15. Cemetery; burial ground.
  16. Space; room to grow.
  17. Horizon; skyline; orient; eastern location.
  18. Haunt; commonly occupied site; frequently visited location.
  19. Rank; status; qualification for a position of honor; [fig.] legacy; inheritance; promised land.
  20. Emotional state; feeling of security.
  21. Landscape; scenery; vista; [fig.] absence; vacancy.
  22. Phrase. “In the place of”: instead of; as a substitute for.
  23. Phrase. “Market place”: public square; open-air bazaar.
  24. Phrase. “Sheets of Place”: fenced portion of land; [kenning] fields; farms; homesteads;.

place [-d, placing] v

see place, n.

  1. Put; position; cause to be located.
  2. Fix; tidy; arrange properly.
  3. Gather; collect; accumulate; come together; [fig.] congeal; coagulate; clot.
  4. Appear; materialize.
  5. Direct; send; [fig.] utter.
  6. Seat; show someone to a seat.