plain [-er] adj

OFr < L. plān-us, flat.

  1. Common; unsophisticated; artless; ignorant; awkward; manifesting lack of experience in worldly matters.
  2. Smooth; unbroken.
  3. Unclouded; unconfused.
  4. Unornamented; undecorated; unembellished; uninteresting, monotonous, ordinary.
  5. Pure; solid; untinted by other colors.
  6. Mere; bare.
  7. Obvious; evident; clear; visible.
  8. Honest; frank; undisguised.

plain adv

see plain, adj.

  1. Clearly; openly; honestly; with full disclosure.
  2. Modestly; humbly; simply; unpretentiously; in an unassuming manner.

plain n

OFr < L. plān-um, see plain, a.

  1. Prairie; range; grassland; lowland; flat, treeless expanse of ground.
  2. Battlefield; cemetery grounds; burial place.
  3. [Fig.] area; place; location.
  4. [Fig.] realm of nature; earth; surrounding area