plate [-s] n

ME < OFr < L. plattus, flat.

  1. Dish; piece of table ware; flat, round piece of wood or earthenware made to hold an individual serving of food; [fig.] stomach; appetite; hunger; desire for nourishment.
  2. Place setting; table service; individual set of eating utensils and vessels arranged together on a table in anticipation of a person being seated in that position at a meal.
  3. Serving platter; flat dish on which an entree is presented; [fig.] foundation; basis.

plate [-d] v

see plate, n.

  1. Cover; coat; gild; overlay; [fig.] enshroud; disguise; camouflage; cloak; mask; hide; conceal.
  2. Decorate; adorn; beautify; [fig.] enhance; dress up; make more appealing.