play n


  1. Recreation; amusement; frolic; diversion.
  2. Game; sport.
  3. Rest; leisure; idleness; holiday; repose from labor.
  4. Joke; jest; prank; fun; mischief; roguery; impishness; merriment derived from toying with another.
  5. Drama; show; theatrical performance.
  6. Behavior; conduct; set of actions; situation.
  7. Movement; dance; choreography; flickering; twinkling; flitting; variable motion; [fig.] rays; beams of light.
  8. Phrase. “At play”: engaged in sport; enjoying leisure; involved in merriment.

play [-ed, -eth, -ing -s] v

OE pleˋan.

  1. Romp; frolic; gambol; cavort.
  2. Engage in a game of.
  3. Rest; relax; enjoy leisure; take a break from labor.
  4. Pretend; imagine; dream; make believe.
  5. Dance; sway; move rhythmically.
  6. Flicker; flash.
  7. Perform on a musical instrument.
  8. Repeat; sound; be heard.
  9. [Fig.] exist; be located.
  10. Phrase. “Play at”: imagine; pretend; engage in a game of; participate in a fanciful activity of.
  11. Phrase. “Play with”: rustle; agitate; stir up.