point n

Fr. < L. punct-um, that which is pricked, prick, dot, point in writing, point in space, point of time, small measure, particular of a discourse or L. pungěre < poindre, to prick, pierce.

  1. Question; argument; problem; matter; difficult situation.
  2. Meaning; purpose; reason; explanation; significance; message; theme; moral; [fig.] resolution; outcome; denouement.
  3. Degree; extent; magnitude; [fig.] sharpness; poignancy; cruelty; severity; intensity.

point [-ed] v

ME < OFr point-er, prick, mark with pricks or dots.

  1. Direct; lead; guide; focus the attention of.
  2. Indicate; show; reveal; signify; mark.
  3. Phrase. “Point at”: mock; ridicule; scorn; laugh at; make fun of.