praise n

see praise, v.

  1. Acknowledgment; compliment; commendation; approbation; extolling; expression of admiration.
  2. Expression of gratitude; paean; anthem; hymn of thanksgiving; musical worship; [fig.] melody; birdsong.
  3. Poetry; verse; [fig.] enjoyment of beautiful literature; pleasure obtained through reading.

praise [-d, -s, -ing] v

OFr < L. preti-āre, to price, value, prize < preti-um, price.

  1. Compliment; commend; extol; express admiration for; pay appropriate tribute to.
  2. Eulogize; honor; glorify; pronounce a ceremonious speech of commendation in honor of.
  3. [Fig.] sing; warble; produce music.
  4. [Fig.] enjoy; find pleasure in.