presence n

OFr < L. præsentia; see present, adj.

  1. Company; society; association.
  2. Proximity to God; ability to physically approach Deity; right to enter the court of a Supreme Being.
  3. Reality; actual material; [fig.] spirit; being; real essence.
  4. Proximity; nearness; closeness; state of being located physically nearby; [fig.] feeling; emotion; lingering sensation.
  5. Certainty; surety; possession; tangible thing; object physically grasped; thing known for certain because it is physically near and visible.
  6. Existence; reality; actual fact of being.
  7. Realm; sphere; domain; place; location; [fig.] situation; circumstance; condition; environment; surroundings.
  8. Influence; energy; glory; warmth and light.
  9. Creature; angel; messenger; spiritual being; [fig.] songbird.
  10. Ego; self; identity; posture; attitude.