present adj

OFr < L. præsent-um, present, immediate, prompt, being before, being at hand.

  1. Near; in close proximity; not absent; [fig.] tangible; visible; real.
  2. Alive; mortal.
  3. Existing; happening; occurring; observed; perceived.
  4. Available; accessible; ready; at hand.
  5. There; in attendance; on the scene.
  6. Current; immediate; actual.

present [-s] n

see present, v. and adj.

  1. Now; current time period.
  2. Gift; endowment; bequest; inheritance; legacy; [fig.] talent; unusual skill; special ability.
  3. Prize; award; reward; goal; aim.
  4. Phrase. “At present”: for now; until further notice; until a later date.

present [-ed, -ing, -s] v

OFr < L. præsentāre, place before, exhibit, hold out, exhibit a likeness to; see present, adj.

  1. Display; exhibit; show.
  2. Appear; show up; be visible.
  3. Exemplify; embody; be characterized by.
  4. Tell; reveal; disclose; expose.
  5. Declare; offer as proof.
  6. Offer; give; bestow; extend; make available; announce as accessible.
  7. Furnish; endow; provide.
  8. Introduce; acquaint; make known.
  9. Carry; bear; hold; poise.
  10. [Fig.] resurrect; raise; lift.