promise n

L. prōmiss-um, a promise < prōmitt-ěre, let go or send forth, put forth, promise, give hope of, foretell < prō, in front + mitt-ere, let go, send.

  1. Assurance; surety; certainty; security; comfort.
  2. Declaration; contract; pact; attestation; troth; plight; covenant; vow; pledge; binding agreement; assurance of fidelity; [fig.] betrothal.
  3. Imminent future event; [fig.] death; grave; casket.

promise [-d] v

see promise, n.

  1. Covenant; vow; commit; swear; pledge; guarantee; solemnly agree; take a binding oath. (648/762, 1464/1516)
  2. Assure; offer as comfort; declare with certainty; [fig.] prophesy; foretell.