prompt [-er] adj

Fr. or L. < prōm-ěre, bring forth or out, produce, bring to light < prō, in front + em-ěre, take, buy.

  1. Quick; swift; rapid; sudden; immediate; instantaneous; punctual; on time; well-timed; without delay.
  2. Forward; outspoken; vocal; candid; audacious; saucy; spirited; presumptuous.

prompt [-er] adv

see prompt, adj.

  1. Quickly; swiftly; rapidly; suddenly; hastily; immediately; punctually.
  2. Phrase. “Prompt as”: immediately; instantly; as soon as; at the moment; just as.

prompt [-ed] v

see prompt, adj.

  1. Encourage; incite; convince; spur on; urge; inspire; influence to undertake a difficult endeavor.