push n

see push, v.

  1. Pressure; application of force; assault; attack.
  2. Emergence; rush; surge; eruption; sudden appearance.
  3. Onset; experience; occurrence; occasion; growth; enlargement; swelling.
  4. Determined advance; approach; [fig.] authority; influence; leverage; persuasion; power; compulsion.

push [-ed, -ing] v

Fr. pousser.

  1. Move; displace; brush; thrust; drive; shove; cause to change position by the application of physical force.
  2. Press; crush; apply steady pressure; oppress with physical force.
  3. Present; thrust; urge; project; advance persistently; insistently bring to the attention of someone.
  4. Burst; break; emerge.
  5. Flatten; smooth; suppress; forcefully change the shape of.
  6. [Fig.] attempt to escape.
  7. [Fig.] test; try; prove.
  8. [Fig.] follow; trace; track; trail; travel steadily in pursuit.