put [-s, -teth, -ting] v

Late OE putian.

  1. Place; lay; set; position; arrange.
  2. Send; dispatch; propel; convey; transport.
  3. Spread; share; disperse; distribute; disseminate; proliferate; scatter.
  4. Present; phrase; say; express.
  5. Ask; pose to; direct to.
  6. [Fig.] make; render; cause to be.
  7. [Fig.] publish; announce; make known.
  8. [Fig.] cut; bisect; separate; rip; tear.
  9. Phrase. “Put about”: launch; take off; set out; begin to fly.
  10. Phrase. “Put away”: abandon; ignore; discard; relinquish; give up; dispose of; cast aside; finish with.
  11. Phrase. “Put away”: hide; conceal; preserve; keep; save; place in storage; [fig.] bury; place in a grave.
  12. Phrase. “Put away”: die; be killed.
  13. Phrase. “Put back”: stay; stem; control; manage; inhibit; stop; check; block; hold back.
  14. Phrase. “Put behind”: abandon; forsake; desert; renounce; give up; forget; neglect; disregard; ignore; no longer consider important.
  15. Phrase. “Put by”: store; save; keep ready; set aside.
  16. Phrase. “Put down”: relinquish; let go of; give up possession of.
  17. Phrase. “Put down”: bury; entomb; place in a grave.
  18. Phrase. “Put from”: eliminate; eradicate; abolish; remove; get rid of; do away with.
  19. Phrase. “Put off”: discard; relinquish; abandon; give up; remove; shed; cast off.
  20. Phrase. “Put on”: wear; don; assume; clothe with; adorn (oneself) with.
  21. Phrase. “Put out”: extinguish; smother; snuff out.
  22. Phrase. “Put out”: display; exhibit; expose; reveal; show off; open to view or perception.
  23. Phrase. “Put out”: overshadow; outshine; surpass in beauty; exceed in glory.
  24. Phrase. “Put to death”: kill; execute.
  25. Phrase. “Put to rest”: silence; overpower; make insignificant.
  26. Phrase. “Put up”: place in storage; lay on a shelf after use; relinquish; abandon; give up.
  27. Phrase. “Put up”: hang; suspend; fasten; secure.
  28. Phrase. “Put up”: raise; close; shut; secure; fasten; lock.
  29. Phrase. “Put up”: clasp over the face to hide it from view.