make [-s, -th, made, making, mak'st] v


  1. Create; form; cause to exist.
  2. Construct; frame; fashion; constitute; form of materials.
  3. Cause to be; cause to become; have oneself to be.
  4. Prepare; organize; get ready; put into suitable form.
  5. Cure; harvest; reap; prepare for preservation; cut, stack, and dry for future use.
  6. Perform; accomplish; execute; participate in.
  7. Change to; transform into.
  8. Cause to; inflict upon.
  9. Bear; give; offer; provide.
  10. Compel; constrain.
  11. Empower; cause to; [make + verb.]
  12. Pay; show; extend; respond with; give in return.
  13. Cause to seem; cause to approximate.
  14. Get; acquire; collect; accumulate.
  15. Feign; pose; act.
  16. Allow; provide; have a tendency.
  17. Reach; arrive at.
  18. Phrase. “Make out”: constitute; represent; create an image in.
  19. Phrase. “Makes effort”: work; labor; travail; strive; struggle.
  20. Phrase. “Make acquaintance”: meet; encounter; get to know; present oneself to; become introduced to.
  21. Phrase. “Make of”: force; compel; set up; cause to become; cause to assume a role as.
  22. Phrase. “Make believe”: dream; hope; wish; pretend; imagine; fantasize.
  23. Phrase. “made Flesh”: incarnate; embodied; given a mortal body; brought to life as a human being; [fig.] sanctified by mortal experience; [metaphor] pronounced; represented in speech sounds; spoken aloud in a particular language.