mind [-s] n

ME mynd, to think, remember, intend.

  1. Power of judgment, reason, or thought.
  2. Will and affection; disposition.
  3. Seat of affection or heart.
  4. Awareness; senses.
  5. Opinion.
  6. Imagination.
  7. Memory; remembrance.
  8. Desire; will.
  9. [Fig.] place where thought occurs.
  10. Intention; purpose.
  11. [Fig.] word play on mine which is directly beside mind in NW; metaphorically, a spring or source of water.
  12. [Fig.] NW says: the implanted principle of grace.

mind v

OE myndgian, to remember, remind.

  1. Pay heed to; focus one's attention on.
  2. Bring to mind; remember; recollect.
  3. Observe; notice.
  4. Be opposed to.
  5. Phrase. “Never mind”: ignore; pay no attention to.2/App 13 Never mind faded forests, Austin, / Never mind silent fields