mine [-s] n


  1. Excavation; place for extracting minerals or precious metals; [fig.] source of wealth.
  2. Mint; federal reserve; institution that makes coins; [fig.] source of riches.
  3. Cave; dark tunnel; underground vault; [fig.] tomb; grave; burial chamber.
  4. Hoard; reservoir; supply of money, goods, etc.; [word play on “mine” pronoun] beloved; loved one; being who is priceless to me.

mine pron

OE, formerly used as an alternative form of my before nouns beginning with vowels.

  1. My deceased loved ones [indicating relationship.]
  2. The one that is part of me [indicating constituency.]
  3. Me; myself; as my own; belonging to me; [word play on the noun “mine”] my own riches, wealth, treasure, jewel, etc.
  4. My door; [referring back to closest previous noun.]
  5. Phrase. “of mine”: belonging to me [indicating relationship.]
  6. Phrase. “of mine”: belonging to me [indicating ownership.]

mine adj

OE; see my.

  1. My.