mountain [-s] n

OFr montaigne < L.

  1. Skyline; high place; rise of land; elevation on the horizon; [fig.] the earth; the footstool of God (see Matthew 5:35).
  2. Highland; hill country; range of rocky elevated territory.
  3. Obstacle; impediment; very large object; impressive entity that cannot be ignored.
  4. Giant; titan; colossus; behemoth; [fig.] tidal wave; storm surge.
  5. Volcano; large cinder cone of igneous rock.
  6. Echo; reverberation; ringing of sound through canyons; sound reflection from the walls of high places; [allusion] Mt. Holyoke and Mt. Tom in western Massachusetts (see The Bay-Path by J. G. Holland, 1857).
  7. Peak; massive hill; high rocky geologic formation; natural elevation of the earth's surface.

mountain adj

see mountain, n.

  1. Hillside; alpine; growing at a high elevation.