even adj

OE efen.

  1. Steady; unwavering; in rhythm; stepping together; treading at the same time in the manner of a military march; [fig.] faithful; steadfast.
  2. Level; uniform; equalized; without distinctions.
  3. Consistent; constant; rhythmic; iterative; dependable; predictable; repeating in regular intervals.
  4. Equal; fair; just; settled; mathematically correct.
  5. Flat; horizontal.
  6. In tune; with sufficient breath to support vocal expression.
  7. Smooth; direct; free from fluctuations.

even adv

see even, adj.

  1. Directly; at the very time; at the same moment.
  2. Still; yet.
  3. Without the exception of; including the extreme case of.
  4. Enough; more than sufficient; beyond expectation.
  5. Balanced; owing nothing; without debt.
  6. At least.
  7. Equally; likewise.
  8. Parallel; equal in height; at the same altitude as.

even n

see evening, n.

  1. Evening; dusk; occident; sunset; close of day; place in the west; other side of the compass orientation.