lamp [-s] n

Fr. lampe.

  1. Light; vessel containing oil to be burned by means of a wick; [fig.] enlightenment; flash of thought; source of knowledge.
  2. Soul; union of body and spirit; [fig.] righteous soul; person with a shining countenance.
  3. Torch; firebrand; campfire; [fig.] star.
  4. Source of illumination; [fig.] hope; good cheer; source of comfort.
  5. Taper; wax light in a holder.
  6. Safety light; illuminating headgear that miners wear on their heads when they are underground.
  7. Heavenly body; object in space that radiates light; sun, moon, or meteor, etc.
  8. Candle; [fig.] inspiration; ideas; understanding; insight; [metaphor] poem; epic; ode; sonnet; ballad; verse; creative work; literary composition.
  9. Spark; [fig.] spirit; life force.