land [-s] n

OE land.

  1. Dry ground; a new place to live; a safe area to dwell after the cleansing of the earth in the Great Flood (see Genesis 7:12-24 and 8:8-12); [fig.] poetry; truth and love; answers to life's questions; [metaphor] paradise; heaven; [allusion] India; Columbia; the Indies; the Americas; a New World; another hemisphere on the map.
  2. Country; kingdom; dominion; part of the globe set apart by political boundaries.
  3. Solid portion of the earth's surface, as opposed to water; [fig.] folk; people of a nation; inhabitants of a region; [fig.] family; circle of friends.
  4. Firm ground; [fig.] opportunity; goal; end; destination; [metaphor] a promised destiny as a reward for faith (see Hebrews 11:9).
  5. Earth; [fig.] cemetery sod; graveyard ground.
  6. Harbor; haven; [fig.] heaven; life after death; a new life after mortality.
  7. Plain; field; clearing; meadow; cleared area.
  8. Phrase. “Land Ho!”: I see the Shore! [cry of sailors at the first sight of terre firma from a boat on the sea.]
  9. Phrase. “Van Dieman's Land”: Tasmania's territory, region, or island; (see Van Dieman's, proper n.).
  10. Phrase. “Lands away”: to faraway nations; to other worlds; to nations, peoples, customs, and experiences in other parts of this world and to worlds beyond.