lap [-s] n

OE lappa, part of clothing hanging down so as to admit of being folded over.

  1. Upper front part of legs; place to hold something when one sits down; front portion of a skirt held in such a way as to contain or catch something.
  2. Phrase. “lap of Adamant”: earth hardened by freezing temperatures; [kenning] snowbank; frozen garden.

lap [-s] v

OE lapian.

  1. Take in; receive a very small amount at a time.
  2. Imbibe; partake of; [fig.] breathe in little by little.
  3. Slurp; lick up; consume by taking up with the tongue; drink with a quick little rhythmic motion of the tongue, like a cat or kitten; [fig.] travel quickly; traverse speedily; cover rapidly.
  4. Gulp; swallow; slake the thirst by drinking; [fig.] deluge; drown; quench; extinguish; overwhelm; hit with water; flood with driving rain; [word play on “slap”] batter with sea waves; make contact with repeatedly.