last adj


  1. Final; ultimate; terminal; finishing; only remaining; one that comes after all others.
  2. Previous; most recent; one just before the present.
  3. Latter; second in a series of two.

last adv

see last, adj.

  1. Most recently.
  2. Eventually; finally; in the end.
  3. Phrase. “At last”: finally; eventually; after all; in the end.
  4. Phrase. “The last”: after all others.

last [-s] n

OE hlæst, load, OE lást, footstep.

  1. End; closing; conclusion; final part; concluding time.
  2. Footstep; track; trace.
  3. Load; certain measure or weight; [word play] final one.

last [-ed, -s] v

OE læstan, to follow, accomplish, perform, pay tribute, maintain, etc.

  1. Endure; survive; abide; be preserved; remain unconsumed.
  2. Span; linger; stay; tarry; continue existence.