light [-er, -est] adj

see light, n.; NW says “This word accords with light, the fluid, in orthography, and may be from the same radix.”

  1. Of a syllable, unemphatic or of little weight; hence of rhythm consisting largely of such syllables.
  2. Having little weight; not heavy; without gravity.
  3. Not oppressive to the bodily sense; shallow; easily shaken off.
  4. Not oppressive; easy to bear or endure.

light [-ly] adv

see light, n.

  1. Gayly, airily, without heed or care.
  2. With little weight.
  3. Without deep impression, softly.
  4. Nimbly, with agility; not heavily or tardily.
  5. Not chastely, wantonly.

light [-s] n

OE léoht, < Aryan *leuk–, to shine, be white; NW says its original sense comes from the Welsh llug, to throw, dart, shoot, or break forth; and accords with English luck.

  1. Shining; [fig.] appearance; perception.
  2. Lamp; candle; source of illumination that may be held in the hand.
  3. Agent that enables sight; influence emanating from the sun or other source.
  4. Dawn; daylight; illumination from the sun in day-time.
  5. Life.
  6. Elucidation; understanding, knowledge; spiritual perception.
  7. Knowledge; means of knowing; source of understanding, spiritual enlightenment; mental illumination.
  8. Happiness, joy, comfort.

light [-ed, lit] v

OE líhtan.

  1. Illuminate; fill with a glow; spread over with sunset.
  2. Give vision to; show the way to; enable to see.
  3. To kindle; inflame; set fire to.
  4. To enlighten; make plain, clear.