line [-s] n

OE lín, flax.

  1. Limit; orbit; circumference.
  2. Trajectory; path; circuit; atmosphere; edge of firmament; [fig.] travel plan; trading route in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  3. Cable; measuring cord; nautical rope for sounding depth.
  4. Note; phrase; message; comment; inscription; written text; set of words; unit of verse in a lyric poem; [fig.] tune; song; cadence; set of musical notes; melodious insect noise.
  5. Rank; row; [fig.] horizon; visible edge of the earth.
  6. Boundary; demarcation; division; point of distinction; [fig.] time; date; change of season.

line n

OFr lin, ligne, ling(e); see line, n<sup>1</sup>.

  1. Boat; battleship; ocean liner; large vessel of war.