lip [-s] n

OE lippa.

  1. Voice; [metonymy] person singing; choir member.
  2. Fleshy entrance of the mouth; [metonymy] person thirsting.
  3. Blossom; bloom; petal; corolla; part of a plant; helmet and beard of a floral corol.
  4. Mouth; [metonymy] body; self; person; individual human being.
  5. Labial articulator; [fig.] capacity for human speech; speech sounds made with the mouth.
  6. Beak; bill; nib; bird's mouth.
  7. Talker; speaker; gossiper; newsmonger.
  8. Opening on the lower front part of the head for kissing, drinking, eating, and so forth.
  9. Edge; rim; border; margin of something other than the mouth.
  10. Horizon; skyline.
  11. Maw; yap; animal's mouth.
  12. Poetry; creative writing.
  13. Crater; fissure; geologic fault line; [fig.] mouth of Mother Nature.
  14. Possession; availability; accesssibility; reach; grasp; disposal.
  15. Phrase. “Granite lip”: tombstone; grave marker; [kenning] cold corpse; dead body.

lip v

see lip, n.; the second occurrence of “lip” could be read as a verb instead of a subject noun, but that parsing is improbable.