little adj

OE lytel.

  1. Slight; trivial; of small power; not of great importance.
  2. Meek; humble; [fig.] fond; precious; [metaphor] vulnerable; tender; sensitive; emotionally fragile.
  3. Small in quantity; opposed to much.
  4. Short in period of time.
  5. Small in size; opposed to great or large.
  6. Young; small in size; early in years.
  7. Dear; sweet; beloved; [paradox] important; meaninful.

little adv

see little, adj.

  1. Not very much; [emphatic negative, as in he little knows = 'he is far from knowing.']
  2. Slightly; in a small quantity; to a limited degree; [sometimes with “a” as a phrase.]

little n

see little, adj.

  1. Only a small quantity or amount; not much; often preceded by but.
  2. A small, slight thing; a thing of small importance; a trifle.
  3. Chiefly with the; those who are little, people of small importance.
  4. A short distance away.