look [-ed, -eth, -ing, -s] v

OE lócian.

  1. Behold; choose to see; direct one's eyes toward an object.
  2. Examine; apply the mind.
  3. Appear; manifest to view; display characteristic features.
  4. Used in the imperative, excite attention or notice.
  5. Stare at; fix the gaze of eyes upon.
  6. Phrase. “Look back”: remember.
  7. Phrase. “Look down upon”: despise; sneer at; be contemptuous of.
  8. Phrase. “Look for”: expect; await; anticipate; watch for.
  9. Phrase. “Look for”: seek; search for.
  10. Phrase. “Look on”: observe; watch passively; be a mere spectator.
  11. Phrase. “Look upon” / “look opon”: behold; gaze at;
  12. Phrase. “Look out for”: watch for; be attention in order to see.
  13. Phrase. “Look to”: see; watch; take care of; keep an eye on.

look n

see look, v.

  1. Glance; glimpse; view; act of seeing.
  2. Face; appearance; aspect; countenance.