wake n

OE 'watch, vigil, eve of a feast'.

  1. Serenade; divertimento; nocturne song; [fig.] revel; festival; memorial; night-watch; funeral party; watching over the dead; [word play] wave; air current; track left by the passing of a vessel; [word play] North African bird that makes a lot of noise.

wake [-d, -s, waking, woke] v

OE wæcnan, awake, come into being, and wæccan, watch; see awake, v.

  1. Revive; arouse; move to action; return from a state of inactivity; [fig.] resurrect; change from death to life; cause to arise from the grave; transform from mortality to immortality.
  2. Arise; [fig.] dawn; shine again; cause light; reappear on the horizon; complete the daily solar cycle in relation to the earth.
  3. Stop sleeping; arise from slumber.
  4. Stir; move; [fig.] sing; make noise; produce music.
  5. Stop napping; cease being drowsy; come to one's senses.
  6. Change into; suddenly become; find one's self as.