way [-s] n

OE weg.

  1. Lifestyle; [fig.] Christian covenant; gospel calling; (see Matthew 7:14).
  2. Path; road; route; avenue.
  3. Manner; fashion; style; custom; habit; practice.
  4. Period; amount of time; [fig.] distance.
  5. State of being; tendency; perception.
  6. Means; device; implementation.
  7. Direction; course.
  8. Distance; length.
  9. Appropriate method; proper procedure; effective process; correct technique; right course of action; most effective means.
  10. Condition; situation; circumstance.
  11. Gate; passage; medium of access.
  12. Journey; quest; trek.
  13. Phrase. “By the way”: in passing; down the road; along the path; in the route commonly taken; [word play] in the process; in the course of events.