we [we'd, we'll, we're, we've] pron

OE , OFris wi; nominative plural of the first person.

  1. [Exclusive; includes a speaker as part of a group addressing a person or persons not in the group] you and I but not her/him/them.
  2. [Dual inclusive; includes the speaker addressing one other person or being] you and I.
  3. [Exclusive; includes the speaker and others who are specified] they and I but not you.
  4. [Denotes individuals who share a common experience] each of us.
  5. [Dual; includes the speaker and another individual] he and I; she and I.
  6. [Denotes humankind in general and/or a general consensus] everybody; all of us.
  7. [Includes the speaker and one or more others who are unspecified] somebody and I.
  8. [Includes the speaker and the reader] the addressee and I.