weight [-s] n

OE wiht, OFris wicht.

  1. Burden; fardel; heavy load; [fig.] deep sorrow; encumbering pain.
  2. Crucifixion; excruciating torture; pressure of hanging; agony of hanging on the cross; [fig.] tremendous responsibility of bearing the sins, pains, and sorrows of all beings.
  3. Body; physical presence; [fig.] life; essence; mortal being; corporeal reality.
  4. Plumb; anchor; lead plummet; sinking metal object; [fig.] heavy feeling due to loss of a loved one.
  5. Substance; matter; dimension; mass; force; size; [fig.] existence; actuality; evidence.
  6. Measure; volume; amount; specific quantity.
  7. Heavy object; burdensome content.
  8. Meaning; import; significance.
  9. Gravity; amount of pressure that pulls an object towards the center of the earth; [fig.] heaviness of heart.