well adj

OE wel(l); see will, v.

  1. Desirable; satisfactory; sufficient; adequate; appropriate; good enough.
  2. Healthy; good.

well adv

see well, adj.

  1. Thoroughly; fully; perfectly; very much.
  2. Skillfully; artfully.
  3. Better; best; pleasing; fortunate; advantageous; wise.
  4. Phrase. “as well/as well as”: also; in addition to; not less than; to the same degree.

well [-s] n

OE wielle < weall-an, boil, bubble up: see wall, v.

  1. Spring; stream; flow; swell of emotion; [word play] blessing; goodness; health; well-being.
  2. Vertical excavation; cylindrical hole; pit lined with masonry; underground supply of water.

well interj

see well, adv.; pause marker; exclamation expressing surprise or astonishment; used to introduce a remark or cover a pause.

  1. Indeed; truly; really.