whip [-'s] n

Partly from whip, v. and partly from MLG wippe (wip) quick movement, moment of time, life for raising a well-bucket or hoisting cargo, lever.

  1. Cord; [fig.] flash; flare; blinding light; sudden brightness; [fig.] stroke; quick movement.
  2. Rope; [fig.] ray; beam; stream of light.
  3. Instrument for flogging; wooden handle with long braided strands using for striking; [fig.] shame; chastisement; rebuke which breaks the heart.
  4. Phrase. “Whip lash”: Smiting cord; slender braided rope; flexible end of a whip; braided leather strand used for beating; [fig.] quick movement; sudden flash; potential danger; [metonymy] snake; serpent.