whole adj

OE hál < IE *qoilos, complete, health, omen.

  1. Simple; uncomplicated; honest; integral; guileless; genuine.
  2. Saintly; pious; faithful; righteous; virtuous; guiltless; holy; physically resurrected and spiritually saved; redeemed from infirmity, death, and sin (see John 5:6).
  3. Complete; total; entire; full; all-encompassing.
  4. Enormous; huge; gigantic; immense; massive; vast.
  5. Only; sole; lone.
  6. Pure; perfect; clean; pristine; undefiled.

whole adv

see whole, adj.

  1. Completely; fully.

whole n

see whole, adj.

  1. Human race; entire world.
  2. Entirety; completeness; sum; totality.
  3. Phrase. “The whole”: everything; all of it; a complete transpiring of events.