wife ['s, wives] noun

Sax. wif, woman.

  1. Lady; human female who has achieved maturity; one who is officially part of a couple; one who has crossed from girlhood into womanhood; woman who has pledged love, trust, constancy, affection.
  2. Mate; partner.
  3. Bride; newlywed; experienced woman; one who is no longer a maid; [fig.] resurrected being; bride of Christ; one victorious over death.
  4. Spouse; sweetheart; homemaker; marriage companion; one who accepts the obligations and opportunities of a marriage relationship; person who abides by the privileges, status, requirements, and responsibilities of marriage.
  5. Queen; royal consort; lover; beloved; woman linked to a husband by legal contract; female sealed in a covenant relationship by religious rites.