will n

OE willa.

  1. Desire; wish; longing; liking, inclination; disposition to do something.
  2. Volition; faculty of mind which exercises judgement.
  3. Commandment; counsel; divine purpose.
  4. Choice; determination; selection.
  5. Favor; endowment; inheritance; testament; deposition of an estate.

will [-ed, -ing] v

OE; lexical verb; see will, n.

  1. Bequeath; dispose of by written statement; assign to posterity by legal testament.
  2. Desire; want to bring about.
  3. Decide; demand; determine; enforce; command to happen.
  4. Phrase. “Wilt Thou”: [second person form] will you; dost thou agree; do you consent; [may also be read as an auxiliary verb tag question with ellipsis of the infinitive lexical verb phrase]: would you blanket the newly-buried neighbor more than your acclimated creature?

will [wilt, wont] v

OE; modal auxiliary; see will, n., would, v.

  1. Choose to; decide to; determine to; resolve to.
  2. Desire to; want to; wish to.
  3. Shall; be going to; [future.]
  4. May; might; could; [subjunctive.]
  5. Intend to; plan to; [intention; motive.]
  6. As a consequence; [cause-effect.]
  7. Preferest/ prefer; durst/dare.
  8. Must; have to; [certainty or prophecy.]