wise [-r] adj

OE wís.

  1. Comprehending; competent; enlightened; sensible; gifted with understanding; capable of good judgment; having the power of discernment.
  2. Pious; godlike; righteous; religious; [kenning: “Wise Book”] Bible; Old and New Testaments.
  3. More mature; more understanding; more perceptive.
  4. Knowledgeable; intelligent; experienced; capable; possessing worldly learning.
  5. Phrase. “Wise Man / Wise Men”: holy one; man who has wisdom; [fig.] magi; guru; oracle; rabbi; sage; seer; prophet; visionary; holy teacher; divine messenger.

wise adv


  1. Phrase. “opon this wise”: in this manner; with this condition; for this purpose; because of this.
  2. Phrase. “as wise”: just as well; with similar effect; [irony] fruitlessly; in vain; with the same lack of results.

wise n


  1. Seer; most intelligent person; one who usually possesses great discernment; [object of the verb “deceives” in the word order inversion.]