witness [-es] n


  1. Onlooker; spectator; one personally present; [metaphor] waiting passenger; [fig.] angel; heavenly being.
  2. Testimony; legal statement; attestation of a fact; [metaphor] imprint; potential for new life; [fig.] creed; expression of faith; declaration of belief; (see Acts 4:33).
  3. Assent; endorsement; support; sign of agreement.
  4. Sign; token; symbol.
  5. Proof; evidence; certification; verification; documentation.
  6. Story; account; firsthand experience.
  7. Auditor; listener; silent observer; one who gives testimony based on first-hand experience.
  8. Organ of vision; body part that enables sight.

witness [-ed, -es] v


  1. See; view; [fig.] experience.
  2. Illuminate; make visible; enable to view.
  3. Testify; attest; make a formal legal statement; [Webster 1844] “I witnessed the ceremonies in New York, with which the ratification of the constitution was celebrated in 1788.”
  4. Observe silently.