worm n

OE wyrm.

  1. Maggot; insect larvae that feeds on a corpse.
  2. Caterpillar; larval stage of a moth; [metonymy] butterfly.
  3. Small soft-bodied creeping creature with multiple feet.
  4. Pest; subterranean burrowing creature.
  5. Grub; small wingless insect; [fig.] meal; piece of food.
  6. Earthworm; [fig.] dragon.
  7. Phrase. “Angle Worm”: live bait used for fishing; (see angle, n. and angleworm).
  8. Phrase. “Glow Worm”: firefly; lamperyd; lightning bug; male coleopterous; winged insect that emits light from its abdomen; flying worm that radiates a phosphorescent pulse of light; [fig.] falling star; meteor flash.