vest n

Fr. < It. < L. vestis, garment, attire, clothing.

  1. Tunic; robe; gown; overclothes; outerwear; [fig.] layer; covering.
  2. Sleeveless jacket; coat that provides warmth for the upper body; [fig.] array; display of color.
  3. Waistcoat; article of clothing that a gentleman wears over his shirt and under his coat; [fig.] heart; seat of emotions, feelings, attraction, passion.
  4. Raiment; upper garment; [word play on “west”] horizon; skyline.
  5. Chest; throat; upper front part of a bird's body, below the head.

vest [-s] v

L. vestīre, to clothe.

  1. Invest; endow; empower; bestow; bequeath; confer; [fig.] allow; permit; countenance; sanction; warrant; approve; endorse.