vision [-s] n

AFr, OFr, or L. < L. vid─ôre, to see.

  1. Dream; apparition; revelation; beatific image.
  2. Sighting; vivid mental concept; [fig.] scene; vista; prospect; panorama; landscape.
  3. View; sight; eyeshot; ability to discern; [fig.] presence; sensory perception.
  4. Specter; phantom; imaginary being; [fig.] creature; wight; animal; [metaphor] fairy; elf.
  5. Scene; landscape; prospect; panorama; subject for a painting.
  6. Eyesight; optical perception; ability to see; [metonymy] eyes.
  7. Appearance; style; [fig.] fashion; grooming; manner of dressing.
  8. Evidence; firsthand knowledge; [fig.] prophecy; foresight; prescience; spiritual insight; (see Joel 2:22).
  9. Reflection; mirage; mirror image.
  10. Apocalypse; last day; [fig.] entrance into paradise; view of the next life; transition by death into the presence of the Lord; (see Revelation 21:2, 21:9).
  11. Fantasy; imaginative story; fictional tale.
  12. Perspective; visual sense; [fig.] faith; belief; hope in things unseen (see Hebrews 11:1).
  13. Inspiration; insight; [fig.] poem.
  14. Picture; idea; concept; mental image.