visit n

Fr., see visit, v.

  1. Appearance; temporary stay.
  2. Social call; [fig.] pollenation; pollen-gathering; [metaphor] intimate encounter.

visit [-ed, -ing, -s] v

OFr visiter < L. vīsitāre, to go to see, to inspect; < L. vīs-, ppl. stem of vidēre, to see.

  1. Accompany; rest upon; come into the presence of.
  2. Overtake; pass by; come suddenly; [fig.] make physical contact; call upon for the purpose of intimate relations; [paradox] cause to freeze; affect with frost.
  3. Enter; appear; come into a home; [fig.] waft in; drift into a place.
  4. Travel to; take a trip to; go to a place for a set period of time.
  5. Stay; dwell; reside; attend; occupy; be present.
  6. Acknowledge; go out to meet with; become better acquainted with.
  7. Punish; afflict; curse; thwart.