daisy [daisies] n

OE dæges ēage, eye of day.

  1. Margarita; flower with a yellow disk and white petals; bloom that closes at night and opens in the morning; blossoming plant that grows abundantly on grassy hills and meadows.
  2. Graveyard flower; funeral blossom; [fig.] death; other deceased people.
  3. Perennial bloom; early spring flower; blossom that returns annually; [fig.] resurrected one; rejuvenated being; restored life.
  4. Common flower; [fig.] handmaiden; disciple; follower; ordinary being; mortal person.
  5. Simple floral gift; [fig.] commoner; humble servant.
  6. Flourishing plant; field blossom; garden bloom; [personification] multitude; human race; people of a nation.